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Andrea Wiggins' Research

My research focuses on understanding how people use dynamic social networks to share information and create community.

The ASNA conference paper, The Small Worlds of Academic Hiring Networks, is a 1 MB PDF.

An unrelated but interesting research project involved building a model of HIV & AIDS transmission in Axtell & Epstein’s SugarScape, implemented with Netlogo.

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Full network visualization for the i-School network The full i-School network comprises 123 nodes and 316 edges.  The nodes are color-coded according to accreditation status with the American Library Association (ALA) and the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET).  Red nodes have ALA accreditation only; blue nodes are currently accredited by both the ALA and ABET.

No leaves reduction of the i-School affiliation networkThe no leaves version of the i-School network shows hiring preferences by accreditation status, as schools of a feather literally flock together.  The weight of each edge is indicated by its size.  In this visualization, the edges are colored according to the accreditation status of the adjacent nodes.
Computer Science PhD networkThis network visualization is a comparison data set of computer science PhDs and their subsequent faculty positions.  With 123 nodes, the set has 572 edges and summarizes 1121 PhDs in computer science.
Computer Science PhD network 2slice This visualization is a 2-slice of the computer science PhD network, eliminating all edges with a weight less than two and the resulting unconnected nodes.  The nodes are sized and colorized by weighted pagerank, and the directed edges are sized and colorized by their weight, or the number of graduates that the edge represents.