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A selection of my handknit designs on Flickr are tagged "design."

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Web Analytics Overview: 0.3 KB .ppt
Originally a lit review for SI 658 Information Architecture

Metrics For Heuristics: 0.2 KB .ppt
Originally a research project for SI 658 Information Architecture
Course Project, SI 682 User Interface Design: 1.5 MB .pdf
Shazam! FitPlayer User Scenarios
Course Project, SI 682 User Interface Design: 2 MB .pdf
Shazam! FitPlayer Information Architecture
Course Project, SI 501 Use of Information:
Physical Model of the University of Michigan Map Library

The Map Library has an amazing collection of cartographic materials and a lovely view from the eighth floor of the Harlan Hatcher Graduate Library.

Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker target user:

Everett Wiggins, curmudgeonly librarian, who rarely gets enough sleep due to his wife’s grad student homework.  Everett has poor eyesight and needs large, easy-to-read displays and alarm indicators.

MathChat Instant Messenger interface requirements:
  • Special mathematical symbols tray, which allow equation elements to be added to the chat with the click of a mouse
  • Three modes for math symbols: regular, superscript, subscript
  • Easy access to message histories
MovieLens home page redesign wireframe user goals:
  • To identify new films based on her established tastes in films
  • To find films that friends will enjoy based on mutual tastes
  • To maintain a wish list of movies that she would like to see
Alignment dialog box co-design solution principles:
  • Clearly understandable image buttons illustrate alignment options and eliminate vague labels
  • Use of color helps differentiate the choices and heavy text indicates important selections
  • Tabbed vertical versus horizontal alignment simplifies the interface
  • Dialog box can be effective at relatively small size
  • Alignments and weights of objects within the dialog box are harmonious, moving the eye from the upper left where the task is started to the lower right where the task is completed.